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The Ultimate NDT Logbook - Coming Soon from NDT Tool HQAs an NDT Practitioner, it's important to log your training and work experience so you can demonstrate to employers that you have what it takes to do the job. But it's not always clear the best way to do that... until now!

NDT Tool HQ is working with industry partners to bring you The Ultimate NDT Logbook. Better yet, NDT students and practitioners can get the print-ready PDF version absolutely FREE! Just provide your email address below and we'll send you your very own copy.

The Ultimate NDT Logbook - Coming Soon from NDT Tool HQ

Why keep a logbook?

The Ultimate NDT Logbook - Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Training and Certification LogIf you are a student, trainee or practitioner of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods, a well-maintained logbook of your training, certification and work experience is key to long-term success in your career. Your skills are vital to maintaining public safety, operational efficiency and the reputations of your employer or clients. Given how critical your work is to their success, it’s no surprise that employers and clients need a way to validate your level of skill and experience across the many different NDT methods in use today.

One of the main ways this is done is through certification, a validation process that combines classroom training, performance of written and skill-based tests, and supervised work experience. Did you know that the certification process is employer-led? As each employer has unique needs, there are a wide variety of different certification systems out there. But, even in cases of standardized certifications such as the SNT-TC-1A, ACCP, ISO-9712 or EN-473, the employer is ultimately responsible for deciding whether or not to authorize the standard certificate holder to perform a specified set of NDT tasks.

So, if you intend to grow as an NDT practitioner, work with more than one employer or client over the course of your career and continually expand and enhance your skills, it’s recommended that you don’t rely solely on employer records for your certification. By maintaining organized, accurate and validated records in your own personal logbook, you’ll always be certification-ready, wherever your career may take you. What’s more, you’ll be demonstrating the professionalism, accountability and attention to detail expected of a highly qualified NDT practitioner.

Why create The Ultimate NDT Logbook?

The Ultimate NDT Logbook by NDT Tool HQ - NDT Work Experience LogWe created NDT Tool HQ because we believe in equipping NDT practitioners with tools that work as hard as you do. Sometimes that’s a physical tool like a perfectly calibrated UT gauge. Other times it’s a thoughtful service that’s right there when you need it like our 24/7 automated quote-and-order system or retroactive Quote Match Guarantee. Information is another powerful tool, which is why we built our NDT Education Center to connect you to NDT jobs, training providers, and online communities of fellow practitioners. All of these tools will help you keep your NDT career on track and get the job done right — day in, day out, whatever it takes.

With that goal in mind, we searched high and low for a great NDT logbook we could share with friends and carry in our store. Not only did we not find a great one, we barely found anything at all. Everyone agrees that you should maintain an NDT logbook but no one actually provides one. Well that’s just not good enough for us so we rolled up our sleeves and got busy. We consulted with NDT trainers, industry bodies and employers to get their input and ideas. We brought in designers and information architects to ensure our layout was not only attractive but also easy to understand and use. And, when we had a working version, we reached out to NDT practitioners of every stripe and level to field test it and make sure it does what you need it to. Because, in the end, that’s what it takes to create The Ultimate NDT Logbook and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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We feel so strongly about ensuring NDT practitioners have a great logbook that we’re giving away the print-ready PDF for FREE!

What's more, we're working on a professionally printed edition for those who don't want to print their own Ultimate NDT Logbook. Get the free PDF copy today and we'll email you when the high quality print edition is available.