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NDT Education Center

Welcome to the NDT Education Center, hosted by NDT Tool HQ. Here you can learn more about the field of non-destructive testing, discover links to schools offering NDT training and certification, and find industry websites where you can search for NDT jobs and continue your career as an NDT professional. Don't forget to reach out and connect with NDT communities on social media.

Table of Contents

About Non-Destructive Testing

  • What is Non-Destructive Testing? »
  • Benefits of Non-Destructive Testing »
  • Non-Destructive Testing Methods »

NDT Training Opportunities

  • Why Pursue NDT Training »
  • The NDT Training Process »
  • NDT Training Near You »

NDT Jobs and Careers

  • Preparing for Your NDT Work Search »
  • NDT Wages and Salaries »
  • NDT Industry Job Boards »

NDT Communities on Social Media

  • The NDT Community »
  • NDT Communities on Facebook »
  • NDT Communities on LinkedIn »
  • NDT Communities on Reddit »
  • NDT Communities on YouTube »