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Quote Match Guarantee

NDT Tool HQ is committed to offering you the very best pricing for every product we carry.

Thanks to our Quote Match Guarantee, we ensure that you get the products you need at the best possible price. It's simple:

  • Don't want to waste time negotiating? Buy from NDT Tool HQ today. If you receive a better quote from a competitor within the next 30 days, we'll match it and refund the difference. 
  • Worried about missing a sale? If we reduce our prices or put your item on sale within 30 days of your purchase, NDT Tool HQ will refund the difference.
  • Think you can find it cheaper elsewhere? Order from us today and, over the next 30 days, if you find another retailer advertising the same products at a lower price, NDT Tool HQ will refund the difference.

How to Request Your Quote Match

To request a quote match from NDT Tool HQ, simply email after completing your purchase. Include your order number along with a copy of the competing quote or a link to the lower priced item on either our website or a competitor's. If it is within 30 days of your purchase and matches the criteria outlined below, we will happily issue a refund for the difference.

Quote Match Criteria

To receive your Quote Match Guarantee, you must ensure the following:

  1. Quote Matching is reserved for NDT Tool HQ customers. You must complete your purchase on our website before requesting a Quote Match.
  2. The product(s) in question must be the same make and model, come with the same packaging and accessories, and must be in 100% new, unused condition.
  3. The item must currently be in stock in the competitor's physical or online store and be delivered under equivalent shipping times.
  4. The lower price cannot be included as part of a larger purchase, and cannot require additional actions on the part of the purchaser to be eligible. Promotions like bundling, inventory-wide coupons, rebates based on past purchases, members' discounts or 'buy one, get one free' do not apply.
  5. The competing store cannot be an auction website, flash sale or bulk discounter site such as eBay, Groupon, Overstock, Amazon, Mayfair, etc.
  6. The Quote Match Guarantee will include the product price, shipping charges and sales tax but it will exclude any customs or duties required to cross international borders.